Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Redbook Magazine's Best Makeup Ideas Ever

Hey guys!

A couple weeks ago, the latest issue of Redbook magazine was sent to me and I actually had time to flip through. An article that caught my eye was called "The Best Makeup Ideas Ever". I thought that I would share these with you guys, along with my own personal commentary.

They included pictures of celebrities over the past century displaying each makeup idea and then comments and suggested products.

I generally do agree with what they came up with, but I also wanted to contribute my opinion. I thought you, my followers, might find this as an interesting kind of post. I will warn you - this may be a long post.

1. Full Brows

If you do follow my blog, you have seen that I do have full and dark brows. I thank my ethnic background for my eyebrows. Although they are full without filling them in, I do not like to go out without brow powder.

The first brow powder I used and fell in love with was the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder (I use the color Brown/Dark Brown). It includes two powders (which are like eye shadows, but more tightly packed) and a clear wax to set the brows. I don't usually use the wax just because I hit pan on the wax way before the powders. I have had the same powders for two years now and yes, I have hit pan, but I won't run out for a long time. For only $6, who can say no to that?

My mom, on the other hand, has much lighter hair and brows. She is fair with freckles and a much more rosy-toned complexion than me. I turned her on to using a brow powder and a defined brow really just does wonders to the face.

So I definitely agree with Redbook on this one. I have embraced a full brow. I do think tamed brows are an important part of the face. If you haven't tried filling in your brows, I do recommend the NYX powder, or any product along those lines because I don't think it could ever disappoint.

2. Mega Lashes

Thinking back on this, where I do agree with Redbook as this is one of the best makeup ideas, it can go a little overboard. I think most of you would say that mascara is a definite must. Among beauty bloggers, I think the consensus is that if there's one makeup product we couldn't go without, it would be mascara.

I love having the appearance of thick, black lashes. My favorite mascaras at this point are Covergirl Lashblast and L'Oréal Carbon Black Voluminous mascara. I have used Diorshow in the past, and it is a love of mine, but I just can't justify spending that much money on a mascara.

Having expressed my love of mascara-given mega lashes, I have a love/hate relationship with false lashes. I have used them before. Although I like the appearance that some lashes have given me, they irritate my contact lenses and make my eyes feel heavy. On other people, I love them and hate them. If I see a woman in public who is wearing ridiculous lashes doing day-to-day activities (and I mean like working, riding the subway with her daughter, NOT attending a special event), yes I do hate them.

A look without mascara would be missing something, in my opinion. But I don't think false lashes are as necessary - just a personal preference.

3. Winged Liner

LOVE LOVE LOVE winged liner! I would feel weird if I did a look with eyeliner that didn't have even the tiniest little bit of wing. It's cute, classy, polished, and just pretty to look at.

I am not an advocate for extreme Amy Winehouse winged liner. I think most people would have a hard time pulling that off.

I do love my ELF liquid liner. It's not perfect. But it's $1 and does what I need it to do. I also love the WetnWild Megalast liquid liner.

What else can I say? I think this world would be missing out on a  lot without winged liner in existence.

4. Rosy Cheeks

As I typed the words "rosy cheeks", a picture of some Renaissance painting displaying an attractive woman with rosy cheeks came to my mind. What does this tell us? Rosy cheeks are timeless. They have always been seen as attractive. I don't think it will ever go out of style.

What I love to give me just a little rosy glow are the Clinique Beyond Blusher in Peaches, NYX blush in Pinched, and Sleek blush in Rose Gold.

I think a rosy cheek just gives balance to the face and brings out the youthful appearance of the skin.

I can't think of any kind of sexy makeup look without the little glow on the cheeks of a rosy, if not coral  color added to the cheek area.

5. Pink Lips

I can just remember my first little tube of lipstick. It was a bright, frosty magenta. I loved it because it was almost exactly the same color that my 4 year old preschool teacher wore. Yes, I had an eye for makeup even back then. Since then, I have had my share of pink lipsticks in all different shades.

Just a little tidbit of knowledge for you makeup geeks out there - in my Theory of Knowledge course last year, we watched a documentary of the science behind beauty and the Golden Ratio. Lipstick was originally used to darken the lips to a rosy tone, similar to the tone it looks like during orgasm. But it was also used to give the appearance of the color of a certain monkey's anus. Now, don't quote me on this. I'm simply recounting what this BBC documentary said.

Pink lips are classic. I actually don't like nudes that much. The nude lip colors I do have and wear typically have a pink tint to them. I actually want to go in search of a similar color to what Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I adore the "my lips but better" kind of look. Having said that, I long to have a collection of beautiful YSL pink lipsticks some day when I have my hefty paycheck :)

For a pinky nude, I gravitate towards Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in Ginger Rose or NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia. Other pinks include Clinique lipstick in Think Bronze and Raspberry Glacé and NYX Round Lipsticks in Paris and Louisiana.

6. Purple eyeshadow

Purple eyeshadow looks good on everyone. Whether it's bright, toned down, light, or dark, I think there is a purple eyeshadow for everyone. If someone is afraid of wearing color on their eyes, yet wants to branch out, purple is the color to try first.

Every time I wear my NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Purple, I get compliments. I do have a review of it here. It is the most gorgeous color. Also, if you want to see what purple eyeshadow does to brown eyes, mine pop like crazy in this look.

I also enjoy NYX eyeshadow in Purple - whether it's just the single eyeshadow or the shimmer pigment, they're basically the same color and universally flattering.

If you haven't tried purple eyeshadow before, do it. Redbook was spot on with including this as one of the best makeup ideas ever.

7. Red lips

If Redbook had left this off the list, I probably would have cried. One of my personal philosophies is that every woman should own at least one tube of red lipstick. I own probably ten different shades...

Red lips are classy, beautiful, simple, yet sophisticated. Anytime I want to look put together or just want to add a little oomph to a look and/or outfit, I will add some red lipstick.

There's a reason why lipstick sales, both drugstore and high end, go up during a recession. Women want to feel good. The feeling of putting on red lipstick and seeing how good it makes me look is one of life's best simple pleasures.

My go-to red lipsticks are Dior Rouge in Rouge Favori and NYX Round Lipstick in Electra OR Snow White.

This look says it all...

8. Smoky eyes

This is another one of those makeup looks where if Redbook had left this off the list, I would have cried. With very little experience, one can create a simple smoky look that can transform the face and overall appearance. A smoky is my go-to look. All you need is two colors and sufficient blending and you can create this.

Smoky eyes can be adapted for the day and school/work. Smoky eyes can be worn at night. Smoky eyes just make sense.

My favorite classic gray/black smoky is with the ELF quad in Drama. My favorite smoky that literally makes me look like a Kardashian is with the ELF quad in Day2Night. I would highly recommend these - review and swatches here.

If you've read to this point, congratulations. You must enjoy my writing skills.

I would love to hear your opinion. Feel free to debate me. Let me know what you think are the best makeup ideas ever.

Also, if you enjoy posts like these, let me know below in the comment section please! Or you can always tweet me @jessiefrancaise

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Sunshine Award!

Hey guys!

A while back, Molly at The Make-up Counter had nominated me for the Sunshine Award and I'm just now getting around to doing this, but THANK YOU Molly :)

On a side note - I'm getting into the swing of things, adapting to college life, and proceeding through the mourning process, et cetera et cetera... So I do have more posts coming on a more regular basis. I won't ramble :)

SO the rules are as follows:

1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog page.
2. Answer (10) questions about yourself. These are below.
3. Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers.
4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.
5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

The questions:
1. What would you most like to change about yourself?
I don't know. I think I'm fine the way I am. I learn from my flaws. I can't be perfect and I wouldn't want to be perfect. So I wouldn't change who I am. 

2. What is your theme song?
I don't really have a theme song, but the songs I most love to sing are For me Formidable by Charles Aznavour and Hymne à l'amour by Edith Piaf.

3. One part of your life - a memory, action etc. that you wish you could surgically remove from your brain?
HAHAHA well... I won't get into details, but I did a lot of stupid things my first two years of high school and I wish I didn't do them, but here I am wiser from everything.

4. What generation do you wish you had been a part of?
I like the era that I've grown up in. I experienced the 90's and the 2000's growing up. NSYNC and Furbies, the rise of technology, Myspace to Facebook, etc... BUT I think it would have been cool to live in La Belle Epoque in Paris.

5. What was your favourite childhood toy?
I had a lot of great toys, but I always preferred books to toys.

6. What is your favourite housecleaning chore?
Honestly, I don't mind cleaning the toilets at home. I used to love doing it and would ask my mom if I could. I wouldn't say I enjoy it, but it's the least strenuous/tedious. 

7. Do you have Twitter?
Yes! Sorry, it's both personal and for my blog. So my followers can read about my life and my personal followers can read about my blog. Follow me @jessiefrancaise and let's spark up a conversation.

8. Any goals?
I just want to succeed in my education and have a great career down the road. That's my main concern at this point. 

9. Do you really drink margaritas all the time?
No. Random question.

10. What is the ugliest car you've ever driven and were embarrassed to be seen in?
Hahaha sorry dad, but my dad's old car :)

I tag the following bloggers:
Maria Veronica at Diamondinrouge
Janine at TheAmazingWorldofJ
Kerry at Beauty Blogspot
Kirsty at AlwaysDrinkTea

Friday, August 24, 2012

Football game makeup

Hey guys! Today I have a look to share that I wore to a football game with my dad.

The day after my birthday, he took me to the season opener game for the Carolina Panthers. My best friend came with us to tailgate so that was fun.

I hadn't done a really smoked up smokey eye in a long time and I found that proper for the event. The Panthers' colors are blue and black. Seeing as I didn't own any blue eyeshadow at the time, I went for a charcoal and black.

I realize that the lighting for these pictures sucks and that the quality may not be the best. I took them last minute with my iPhone. I just wanted to share the look, not show professional work.

The pictures don't do the look justice, but that's usually the case, isn't it? Seems like it.

Products Used:
MUFE HD Microperfecting Primer
Revlon Colorstay foundation in Nude
NYX Concealer in a Jar in Fair
Clarion Natural Finish Powder in Natural Ivory
ELF HD Powder
ELF Essentials eye primer in Pearl
NYX Eyeshadow Base in White 
ELF mineral eyeshadow in Socialite
Lorac Ooh La Lace palette (matte black)
Lancôme Color Design eyeshadow in Style Selection (metallic)
NYX Runway Collection palette in Champagne and Caviar (matte black in outer v and crease, matte white as highlight under the brow)
Wetnwild Color Icon single eyeshadow in Brule 
NYX Eyebrow Cake powder 
ELF liquid liner
Sephora Day to Night Wear eyeliner in Black Flame 
Cover girl Lashblast
Ulta bronzer
NYX blush in Pinched
Wetnwild Megalast lipstick in Bare It All

I hope you guys like this! Let me know in the comment section how you do your makeup for certain sporting events.

Thank you all for your support! Join me on Twitter and Instagram @jessiefrancaise

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Birthday Makeup!

I realize that I have finally been legal for almost two weeks now.

Here's a recap of my past two weeks: I turned 18, I moved into my dorm, my grandfather died, I flew alone for the first time, and I officially started college.

This might explain the lack of posts lately.

But I did want to share everything about my big day :)

I spent the first part of the day with my dad. He went to take me to get my hair cut. Then we had lunch and went to visit his dad (the one who just passed away). Then we went to the mall for a bit of shopping and a fancy Italian dinner. My best friend from high school joined us. OH, and how could I forget dessert and coffee at my favorite Parisian café in town?

Without further ado, on to the makeup...

I like this look as a basic neutral look that can be played up in the cheek and lip category. Later after taking these pictures, I added Lorac liquid lipstick in Trendsetter and a little more highlighter. 

At night, I wore MUFE red lipstick and added some Dior kohl eyeliner to my waterline.

Products Used:
MUFE HD Microperfecting Primer
Diorskin Forever Teint Haute Perfection Tenue Extrême foundation
Revlon Colorstay foundation in Buff
MUFE Lift Concealer in shade 3
Chanel Double Perfection Natural Matte Powder Makeup in Ivory Beige 
Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Linen
ELF eyeshadow quad in Brownstone
Lorac Front of the Line Pro liquid eyeliner
Revlon Eyeglide shimmer shadow in Pearl
L'Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara
Revlon Eyeglide shimmer shadow in Pearl
Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Color Stuck in Champagne Flush
NYC bronzer in Sunny
Clinique Beyond Blusher in Peaches
Revlon Super Lustrous  lipstick in Ginger Rose
Lancôme Color Design lipstick in B-List

And since I've never shown an OOTD... I bought this for college a while back when I was at H&M but decided to wear this for the first time on my birthday. I think it was only $13 or around that price, so it was an amazing deal. It's soft and hugs me in all the right places.

Stay tuned for a birthday haul post :)

Again, thank you guys for reading and a special thank you to my newest followers!

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @jessiefrancaise

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This or That Tag

I saw this tag a while back on Laura's All Made Up and decided I would do it when I needed a quick post or when I had a lack of inspiration.

Et voilà...


Hmm, if I had to choose absolutely one I would choose blush, although I love bronzer too. 


Mascara - I could go without eyeliner but never mascara.

Foundation - I use Revlon Colorstay and that does a good job at concealing as well.


Pressed is always easier.


I've never used China Glaze. I'm not exactly that impressed with OPI. Personally I prefer Essie.

Not too short, but not too long.

Natural all the way!

Brights I guess. I'll wear a bit of everything.

No flower?


The only thing that really moisturizes my skin is baby oil.

I don't care. I just use soap.

I've never tried Lush. There's not one in my hometown. I've been raised on Bath & Body Works.

Jeans. Sweatpants in public are an abomination.

It depends on the time of year and weather.


Stripes are fun.

I don't really own any sandals, so flip flops.


I usually wear a dangly in my first hole and a stud in the second hole.

I have a set necklace and bracelets that I always wear and never take off.




I like both, however I think Forever 21 has more fun and classic pieces that are more my style.

Neither. OY the memories of middle school...

It's NORDSTROM not Nordstroms. Pet peeve when people add an s on the end.

My hair is naturally straight and I keep it that way.

When I need to put my hair up and I'm going out in public, I usually make a bun. Around the house, I'll wear a ponytail.

Bobby pins - what are butterfly clips anyway?

I don't use either. 

Long. I hate my hair short.

My hair is dark. I like it that way.

I've never been able to pull off any kind of bangs.



I prefer fall and spring myself.



Anyone who reads this and feels like doing it.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

This one goes out to Pop Pop

You may remember me mentioning issues in my family in earlier posts. Well, here goes...

Vous vous souvenez peut-être que j'avais mentionné des problèmes familiales dans des postes précédents. Et voilà..

My Pop Pop (grandfather) passed this past Thursday, August 16 at 9:52 PM.

Mon grand-père est mort ce jeudi dernier, le 16 août à 21h52.

I had just settled into my dorm when that morning, my mom and I got a call from my dad that we needed to come home. We drove 600 miles in 9 hours.

Je venais juste de m'installer à ma chambre (à l'université), quand ma mère et moi avons reçu un appel de mon père que nous devions revenir chez nous. On a conduit 600 miles en 9 heures.

He died peacefully and surrounded by his family.

Il est mort tranquillement entouré de sa famille. 

He was a Holocaust survivor who survived the wrath of Stalin and the gulags of Siberia. After the war, he became a man in Paris, France. There, he met a beautiful woman who was also a Holocaust survivor. They married and had three boys, one of which is my dad.

Il était survivant de l'Holocauste qui a survécu le courroux de Staline et les gulags de Sibérie. Après la guerre, il a grandi à Paris, France. Là, il a rencontré une belle femme qui était survivante aussi. Ils se sont mariés et ont donné naissance à trois fils, dont un est mon père. 

A photo of him back in France.
Une photo de lui en France.

This was the last of his father's wealth from before the war which he never took off of his neck. My father now wears it around his neck.
Ce pièce de monnaie était le dernier de la richesse de son père,  d'avant la guerre, qu'il n'a jamais décollé de son cou. Mon père le porte maintenant autour de son cou.

He loved matzo ball soup! 
Il a adoré la soupe aux boulettes de matzo.

I just wanted to dedicate a post in his memory, a man who lived a life of survival, of wealth, and surrounded by the love of his family.

Je voulais juste dédier un poste en hommage de lui, un homme qui a vécu une vie de la survivance, de la richesse, et entouré de l'amour familial. 

I am also writing this post in French because it was a language that I shared with him. 

J'écris ce poste en français aussi car c'était une langue que je partageais avec lui.

Je t'aime pour toujours mon vieux <3

Я люблю тебя мой дедушка, ВСЕГДА.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prom Pictures...a little late

Hey guys!

Since I know I'll be busy very soon, I am scheduling this. So as you read this, I am probably moving in to my dorm at college! Finally! My school is actually 9 hours away from where I was born and raised, but I am so excited for this change. I may talk more about this, show pictures, etc.

So while looking through personal pictures the other night, I just remembered: I FORGOT TO POST MY PROM PICTURES! Even though it's 3 months afterwards, I really wanted to share the look I created.

Okay, I know I didn't do a whole "party look" - I'm different. I wanted to look like a 1920's French actress because that's what I like.

No, I did not go with a date. I went with a group of friends. My best friend was basically my date. Actually, my guest of honor was my love, but for personal reasons he couldn't be there, so he was there in heart <3

We did take group pictures and I have super gorgeous pictures with my parents, but obviously for personal reasons I am not posting these.

My dad took these on his super fancy schmancy camera.

My mommy brought gardenias from our garden in the backyard to put in my hair :)

Actually, my hair was a last minute thing. My best friend helped me with it even though she's not beauty-oriented. I watched some Youtube videos on cute retro hair and the pin-curl look intrigued me. I think it looked beautiful and after dancing my ass off, an hour before prom ended, they fell out and I still had gorgeous hair :)

My dress was from Group USA. I actually bought it for my junior prom last year, but I didn't end up going to that. I wore it for the first time to a formal dinner in Paris last summer, which worked out fabulous. I saved it to wear to my senior prom this year. 

We took these pictures at the biggest, most beautiful park in my city. And of course, there were several other prom groups taking their pictures. Some random ladies (moms of other girls taking prom pictures) saw me and said something along the lines of, "I don't know why, but you just look so French!"

My best friend looked at me and laughed - because she knows my grandparents are super Parisian.

Now on to the makeup look...

If you didn't think I use high end products, you're wrong ;)

I started off with MUFE HD Primer. Then I used my Diorskin Forever foundation, and concealed with my MUFE concealer (I don't remember which kind it is). I set all of this with my Chanel pressed powder.

For the eyes, I used Laura Mercier Eye Basics primer in Linen. While that was drying, I did my eyebrows with my holy grail NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder. Then using my Dior Deux Couleurs (so sad they discontinued this!) eyeshadow duo in Purple Look. I put the shimmery champagne pink all over the lid, with the matte eggplant purple in the crease. I used the pink under the brow as well and lined my lower lash line with the purple.

I used my Lorac Front of the Line Pro liner to make a winged liner. I don't remember which lashes I used but I think they were Ardell? And then I used my Lorac mascara.

I used a Chanel blush - I don't remember the color. 

Then on the lips I used my Dior Rouge lipstick in Rouge Favori and topped it with NYX Round Lipstick in Snow White. 

This is basically my favorite formal, fancy, special occasion look. 
I'm wearing basically the same thing at the Military Ball:

And out and about in Paris:

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post! You can leave your feedback in the comment box below or tweet me @jessiefrancaise

Stay tuned for collegey posts :)

And as this look calls for, I leave you with this beautiful song sung by my favorite French singer, Charles Aznavour ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

11 Questions Tag!

Hey guys!

I was tagged in yet another post - this time it's the 11 Questions Tag, which reminds me of the Liebster Award, but whatever. So thank you to Sian at Sian Says for tagging me! You can view her responses here.

The rules as followed:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.

2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

To start off with, my lovely followers, you may learn 11 MORE things about me:

1. I am a crazy tea snob. 
2. I am addicted to Foreign Affairs (the journal).
3. Watching ABC News to see my handsome David Muir reporting is the highlight of my evening.
4. I used to play flute in my high school's marching band.
5. Wearing lacy underwear makes me happy.
6. I used to have a lot of issues with anxiety and depression, but have since got better and have been able to stay off medication!
7. In high school, I was on the Academic World Quest team. It was a group of some classmates and I that studied world affairs and competed at local competitions. They are events sponsored by the World Affairs Council so that's really cool.
8. In my high school career I was president of French Club and also an officer of National Honor Society.
9. I taught myself to read when I was 4 and I've been a bookworm ever since.
10. Although I no longer wish to pursue a career in the healthcare field, I would make an amazing doctor. My knowledge of the human body is vast.
11. I actually keep my blog as a hidden part of my life and don't discuss it with that many people. It's my own little outlet. 

The questions that Sian asked me:

1) What's your favourite thing about blogging? Getting feedback and realizing that people enjoy what I post - I really get a lot out of that, it's just the coolest part of having my own little space of the internet2) Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla? Vanilla3) What's your one product that always makes you feel good when you put it on? Any of my high end lipsticks or perfumes4) Are you religious or lazy with your skincare routine? Be honest! I used to be super lazy - sleeping in my makeup was a nightly routine. I have since become much more religious as I see that a little bit more care actually makes a difference.5) What are your favourite make-up brushes? Let's be real - I'm not splurging on Mac brushes when I'm a student. Maybe when I'm making 6 figures in the UN. So at this point, ELF brushes are all I've really gotten into. They're decent and affordable. They do what I need them to do and the finished look is okay. 6) What's your most well-worn outfit in your wardrobe? It depends on the time of year. At this point, my summery dresses. 7) You can only shop in 1 make-up and 1 beauty store for the rest of your life - what would they be? I would say Target, but my local Target doesn't carry WetnWild, although I know other Targets do. Let's just say Target.
8) Do your family and friends know about/support your blogging? I think I mentioned it to my mom last summer when I 
started it, but I kinda don't really mention it at all.
9) Did you enjoy or hate school? Love academics, not fond of my peers. 10) What's your favourite food? I have a major weakness for fried pickles, Mexican food, and anything made out of potatoes.11) Have you been watching the Olympics?! Just barely. Whenever I go to visit my grandfather in hospice, he's had it on in his room, but I haven't really been keeping up. Not really my cup of tea. Shout  out to the Hungarian hotties though ;)

I tag:

Gabriella at Love.From.Londres
Molly at The Make-Up Counter
Charlotte at Charlotte Jane
Charlotte at Charlotte C
Sabrina & Geneviève at High Heels, Lipsticks and Glitters
Kerry at !tskerrybeautyblog
Kirsty at Always Drink Tea
Ash (?) at Belle Epoque

and anyone else who wants to join the bandwagon ;)

So for my 11 questions that I tag you in:
1. Sexiest man alive? (or dead if that's what you're into)
2. Favorite period of history?
3. Best all-around makeup brand in your opinion?
4. Let's step outside of the box - worst thing about blogging?
5. Literature or science?
6. What's the most expensive makeup product you've ever purchased? Was it worth the pretty penny?
7. Best under-hyped product? (like a product that doesn't receive much hype, yet is still amazing)
8. Are you religious at all?
9. Best musical group that ever recorded?
10. Do you have a reality TV show weakness?
11. Will the world end in 2012?

If you do do this tag, make sure you comment your links! I'd love to read your responses.

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