Thursday, August 2, 2012

Guest Blog! Natalie's Top 5 Polishes for the Summer

Hello everybody, I'm Natalie and I blog over at Natalie Roseanne's Nails and Beauty Blog. I love all things to do with nails and beauty, as you can tell by the name!

Jessie has so kindly offered to let me do a guest post on her blog, and there will be a guest post from her on my blog too!

I have decided to show you all my 5 favourite polishes for this summer! I'm from the UK and we have suddenly got a heat wave, having had a really crappy cold, windy and rainy summer so far. I don't think we really know what to do with ourselves! I do, however, know to paint my nails to reflect how I feel this summer.

Summer to me is many different styles, shades and colour with reflection to my nails and so this is why I will have a selection of different polishes in my top 5. I love all of the polishes, although I definitely have a favourite. Now onto the polishes!

Barry M - Spring Green

First up is a Barry M polish, this is in the colour Spring Green. Although, with the name you would presume that it is a spring colour, I am loving it for this summer. It is a gorgeous dark, but bright, colour. It adds a statement to an outfit and I adore looking at my nails when I'm wearing this. It is a fresh colour, and a definite for my summer.

Bourjois - Rainbow Apparition

The next polish is from Bourjois, Rainbow Apparition. This had to appear in my top five this summer! I'm not usually a fan of glitter on all of my nails, but this stole the show with me. It has the gorgeous pinky/purple base with some many different glitters in the polish. It looks gorgeous in the sun, because dependent on where it catches your nails it shines different colours up at you. It is a mesmerising polish, and the sun brings out how amazing it looks on your nails.

Rimmel - Sunshine

Contrasting to the glitter pink,  is the gorgeous polish by Rimmel. The shade is Sunshine, and I think just by that you know it is, and will be, a hit this summer. I've had so many compliments on this polish and I can understand why. It is a gorgeous bright yellow polish, that doesn't leave you feeling washed out. It has the essence of a neon colour. It gives that umpth to your look, and even why it isn't shining outside you have the bright colour on your nails. I love that it is an opaque polish, and if you add a little glitter to your nails it looks amazing as well. A definite must for the summer, and so cheap in the UK.

Model's Own - Beth's Blue

This is the first of the two Model's Own nail polishes that will appear in my top 5. This colour is Beth's Blue, and it is from the Ice Cream Sundae collection. It is a gorgeous pastel off blue, that has a hint of lilac in the look. Everyone has to have a pastel colour in your top 5 summer colours, because it looks beautiful with a tan (for those lucky ones that do tan). I love the soft look of a pastel colour, especially with all the outfits that we wear in the summer. It is a beautiful girly colour, that I definitely say is perfect for the summer.

Model's Own - Hedonist

Last, but definitely not least, is Model's Own, Hedonist. The Hedonist is from Model's Own collection Hedkandi and is a must have! This is by far my favourite summer polish, and actually my all time favourite polish at the minute. It is so hard to capture how amazing this neon pink is on camera. It appears more bright red, but it is a stunning dark neon pink colour. Every summer nail "wardrobe" needs a bright neon colour, and this one definitely does not disappoint. It is the brightest polish I own, alongside another from the Hedkandi range. It adds such pizzazz to your attire and catches everyone's eye. Whenever I wear this polish I have people asking about it and what it is. It dries matte, which I adore, but to add a glossy finish just add your favourite top coat. I definitely recommend getting this polish.

I would like to thank Jessie, for letting me guest post for her. I hope you've enjoyed my top 5 summer favorites. 

If you're interested in my blog please go to, I'm on Twitter @clutzyprincess and I now have a Facebook page Natalie Roseanne's Nail and Beauty Blog.

What are your favourite nail polishes this summer?


  1. Have to agree about Rainbow Apparition, it's gorgeous :) xx

  2. Great post. Love Beth's Blue!

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