Monday, August 6, 2012

Some Recent Purchases

Hey guys!

I have been quite a busy woman lately, but I have had a little time for shopping. So getting away from makeup and going more towards FASHION - I'll share with you what I got!

Sadly enough, about two weeks ago, my favorite mall in town had major flooding and part of the roof collapsed after a hefty summer store. I had to wait almost a week after I had initially intended to go shopping to get some shoes at Urban Outfitters, although they had no damage.

My roommate (for college) had suggested Urban Outfitters for shoes because I needed just some everyday kind of shoes for walking all over campus. I don't buy shoes very often, and usually it's just a couple pairs of cute flats from Target that work with any outfit so I don't have to worry.

This time - cotton Mary Janes! My mom said she used to wear these back when she was young and so I guess it was cool for her that her daughter is wearing the same kind. These are just the ones that are made in China and have that rubber on the bottom with the Chinese writing.

These are 2/$20 at Urban Outfitters, so I bought 4 pairs to start off with, but there is an UO in the town where my college is that is right across the street from campus so I can walk to it. I'll maybe by some more.

They are SOOOOO comfortable and super adorable, so I would definitely recommend them.

NEXT - earrings :)

I have mentioned how much stress my family is under at this time and what not and I will get into more details later, possibly, but during this past week, retail therapy was indispensable.

My aunt wanted to go to Dillard's and turns out they were having a major sale on earrings, so I went ahead and treated myself because I don't buy earrings very often, I don't have many pairs, and I'm going to college, so I need new things. Right?

So I got four pairs. Who could say no to Givenchy on sale for $13? I mean really?! 

I also got these, ($5 I think) but I was wearing them when I was taking the pictures. The stud that I'm wearing in my second hole is a pair that I got last year at Francesca's but they're pretty crappy - all the metal has oxidized and they hurt my ears.

And some more retail therapy was to be had at World Market. I LOVE that place! They have an awesome selection of everything, accessories included!

My aunt treated me to these two scarves :)

These will definitely come in handy when I want to make a fashion statement while suffering in the cold weather (cold is better than this hot and humid weather I'm having where I live!). 

So since I've never really done any fashion posts before, I hope you enjoyed that. If you want to see more about fashion or OOTD's, please comment and let me know! I would love to hear your feedback.

Thanks again for reading and supporting :) It means so much to me! 


  1. beautiful earrings!!

    I'll admit...wearing scarves is the only reason I'm anxious for fall/winter. The pink and white is so cute!

  2. HEY i love your blog, and for that reason i have nominated you for the Liebster Award :D jump over to!

  3. thankyou so much for the comment on my blog! i would love if we could follow each other's blogs?:D xx


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