Saturday, December 17, 2011

HUGE Review on ELF Quads (Pic heavy)

I've been wanting to do this review, but never had much time.
One of the biggest misconceptions I've seen in the world of makeup is that you have to spend a lot of money and get the nicest brands (MAC, etc.) to get a quality product and look good. This is so UNTRUE! I've never used a MAC product. Actually, my uncle got some free MAC products after a fashion show back when I was in middle school and gave me some, but I just didn't like them that much.

I found ELF a little over a year ago, and I've been very pleased with the products (in general).
At first, I was a little skeptical about trying the shadows. I mean, $1 quad? How good can that be? I thought all the people who gave great reviews had to be liars... until the day I tried them for myself. And let me tell you how wrong I was. The day I tried out the ELF quads was such a turning point in my life.

In French, we would say "Je n'ai rien à dire", meaning I have nothing to say because it's just so good. When you try it, it basically speaks for itself.

So I'll try to describe these quads to the best of my ability.

This is what ELF has to say: "Luxuriously smooth, pigmented formula provides your eyes with a bright and beautiful sweep of rich color. The formula blends into skin for a long lasting, beautiful effect. Each quad is comprised of 4 coordinating shades that allow for both natural and dramatic looks. Built-in mirror and applicator included."

My response: I wouldn't say it's luxuriously smooth, but they are relatively smooth. Some colors more than others. Pigmented - EXTREMELY! Bright and beautiful: YES! Long lasting: they last long with primer. I haven't tried them without. But I've put my makeup on at 6am, gotten too lazy to take it off before going to bed, wake up, and my makeup is still perfect.
Natural and dramatic : yes.

The built-in mirror is too small to use to apply to eyeshadow. No big deal.
The applicator is just a sponge-tip applicator. I never use those... I just throw them away.

  • Pigmentation is INSANE
  • Price (who could beat $1?!?!!)
  • They BLEND beautifully!
  • I always get compliments when I wear this eyeshadow
  • Long lasting with a primer (I just use the ELF primer - it's great)
  • Easy to take off, doesn't stain
  • You only need a little bit! (Meaning that the teeny tiny little eyeshadow pots last a lot longer than you think)
  • Fallout - that's to be expected
    • They are powdery, there may be a little eyeshadow under your eyes when you get done, but for $1, who's to complain?!!?
  • Some people complain that the pans are too small to get brushes in. This has NOT been a problem for me at all!!! They're small triangles, but it doesn't bother me at all.
Now for swatches...

This is what they look like in the pan:



Hazy Hazel

Silver Lining


Day 2 Night


And SWATCHES (warning: major pigmentation ahead ;) )
First one is without flash, then with flash

Drama : Just fyi, these pictures do not do Drama any justice - this one is my absolute favorite

Butternut : the pigmentation is just incredible. I mean, just LOOK!!!

Day 2 Night - This one gets me a million compliments all the time!

Brownstone - Again, the pigmentation is just sensational

Hazy Hazel

Silver Lining

Luxe - This is my least favorite of them.

I'm sorry for the long post - I just get a little excited.

There WILL be a Part 2 to this... ;)

I hope you guys liked this! If you haven't tried these out, they're just amazing. My favorites are Drama, Butternut, and Day 2 Night. 


  1. I have heard many great things about ELF but its such a hassle to order them to Finland that I havent even tried it :)
    They look amazing and if I could choose two Id go for Butternut and Luxe :)
    I own only 3 eye shadows by MAC and to be honest, I don´t think I want anymore of them... Maybe if Im close to a MAC store I can buy more but its not like I need them badly :)
    There are so many great brands out there that give great quality without your wallet having to cry ;)
    Elf seems to be a great brand :)
    Very great review sweetie :)

  2. I love ELF, I can't believe I still haven't tried the quads yet. The pigmentation from your swatches look pretty decent but Butternut looks absolutely amazing. I hope they have that one at Target...I will definitely be picking it up!

  3. I think Butternut is one of the most popular quad, if not the most popular, so Target is bound to have it.

    I hope you try them out and like them as much as I do! :)

  4. Heyy, i've given your blog an award ! check my blog out for details ♥

  5. I love these elf quads. The quality of them is pretty good, especially considering the price :)



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