Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prom Pictures...a little late

Hey guys!

Since I know I'll be busy very soon, I am scheduling this. So as you read this, I am probably moving in to my dorm at college! Finally! My school is actually 9 hours away from where I was born and raised, but I am so excited for this change. I may talk more about this, show pictures, etc.

So while looking through personal pictures the other night, I just remembered: I FORGOT TO POST MY PROM PICTURES! Even though it's 3 months afterwards, I really wanted to share the look I created.

Okay, I know I didn't do a whole "party look" - I'm different. I wanted to look like a 1920's French actress because that's what I like.

No, I did not go with a date. I went with a group of friends. My best friend was basically my date. Actually, my guest of honor was my love, but for personal reasons he couldn't be there, so he was there in heart <3

We did take group pictures and I have super gorgeous pictures with my parents, but obviously for personal reasons I am not posting these.

My dad took these on his super fancy schmancy camera.

My mommy brought gardenias from our garden in the backyard to put in my hair :)

Actually, my hair was a last minute thing. My best friend helped me with it even though she's not beauty-oriented. I watched some Youtube videos on cute retro hair and the pin-curl look intrigued me. I think it looked beautiful and after dancing my ass off, an hour before prom ended, they fell out and I still had gorgeous hair :)

My dress was from Group USA. I actually bought it for my junior prom last year, but I didn't end up going to that. I wore it for the first time to a formal dinner in Paris last summer, which worked out fabulous. I saved it to wear to my senior prom this year. 

We took these pictures at the biggest, most beautiful park in my city. And of course, there were several other prom groups taking their pictures. Some random ladies (moms of other girls taking prom pictures) saw me and said something along the lines of, "I don't know why, but you just look so French!"

My best friend looked at me and laughed - because she knows my grandparents are super Parisian.

Now on to the makeup look...

If you didn't think I use high end products, you're wrong ;)

I started off with MUFE HD Primer. Then I used my Diorskin Forever foundation, and concealed with my MUFE concealer (I don't remember which kind it is). I set all of this with my Chanel pressed powder.

For the eyes, I used Laura Mercier Eye Basics primer in Linen. While that was drying, I did my eyebrows with my holy grail NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder. Then using my Dior Deux Couleurs (so sad they discontinued this!) eyeshadow duo in Purple Look. I put the shimmery champagne pink all over the lid, with the matte eggplant purple in the crease. I used the pink under the brow as well and lined my lower lash line with the purple.

I used my Lorac Front of the Line Pro liner to make a winged liner. I don't remember which lashes I used but I think they were Ardell? And then I used my Lorac mascara.

I used a Chanel blush - I don't remember the color. 

Then on the lips I used my Dior Rouge lipstick in Rouge Favori and topped it with NYX Round Lipstick in Snow White. 

This is basically my favorite formal, fancy, special occasion look. 
I'm wearing basically the same thing at the Military Ball:

And out and about in Paris:

I hope you guys enjoyed this little post! You can leave your feedback in the comment box below or tweet me @jessiefrancaise

Stay tuned for collegey posts :)

And as this look calls for, I leave you with this beautiful song sung by my favorite French singer, Charles Aznavour ;)


  1. Looking beautiful, honey! the hair, make up, dres... everything is perfect :) x

  2. I nominated you for the sunshine award:) more info here; http://themake-upcounter.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/the-sunshine-award.html


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