Saturday, August 4, 2012

My June/July Favorites

Hey guys!

This is my first monthly favorites post! I liked coming up with ideas for this post because it really made me think about what I'm using the most and why I'm using it so much - it creates a better appreciation of the products I use!

I had the June favorites ready, but then didn't post it in a timely manner due to things in my personal life, so I decided to combine June and July.


  1. NYX Tango With Bronzer Powder in When Leopard Gets A Tan
I bought myself this bronzer for my birthday last year in this haul. At first, I didn't like it because it wasn't that pigmented and pretty and the packaging was the only thing that really did it for me. Well, in June especially I discovered how much contouring really helped my face. I've been using this bronzer and it does a great job! It's perfect for those porcelain-skinned girls like me. I finally hit pan this month!

    2.  ELF Super Shiny Lipgloss in Goddess

This is my favorite ELF lipgloss! The color is perfect to use with any look - smoky, bright, or neutral. It's a light golden pink with just enough pigmentation yet subtlety. It last for a very long time and leaves the lips very moisturized. Most drugstore lip glosses won't have long lasting power or moisturizing qualities similar to a chapstick, so that makes me love this gloss even more! I would say this is also a dupe for my Lorac liquid lip shine in Trendsetter - the colors are almost alike, but this ELF one lasts much longer!

    3. ELF Liquid Eyeliner in Black

To be honest, I hate cleaning my brushes. It's such a tedious, laborious task. I was lucky enough last time I cleaned them, my best friend was over and wanted to help. When I'm too lazy to clean my eyeliner brush to use with my cream eyeliner, this liquid eyeliner is my best friend. I like the sponge tip applicator that gives me control (although the newer ones I bought have a thin brush tip applicator). The  formula is not the best, but for the price ($1), I have no complaints. I could resort to other brands of eyeliner, but this one remains my go-to product.

    4. Ulta Nail Polish

Years ago, before I became the major MUG that I am today, I was rather keen on all the Ulta brand products. Now I regard them as useless, crappy, and of under-par quality. But considering my former Ulta obsession, I have quite the collection of Ulta brand nail polishes, that I do still use. I have a few pinks, a few reds, and a few bright summery colors. I took the stickers off from the bottom that had the names, except for the color I'm wearing right now, which is Mint Condition (namesake - a minty green). My only concern is that these polishes get thick and old quickly, BUT I love these colors.

   5. ELF Contouring/Blush Duo

For probably about a year, I was debating about this product. I was concerned that the bronzer would be too dark for my skin. I finally gave in and bought this at a recent trip to Target. This has taken contouring to a completely different and most wonderful level. I love this! The blush isn't as pigmented, but good enough for a subtle glow.

   6. Vaseline

Well, my senior year stress acne hasn't subsided as I hoped it would as summer began. I then decided to switch to a stronger cleanser. While washing my face, some has creeped down to my eyelids, so I've been dealing with dry, flaky eyelids. Vaseline has been my savior. I also have been using it to condition my lashes, and starting to use it just around my eyes as an anti-aging measure. It's better to start these habits young. It's also helped my lips because I still get nasty dry lips during the summer. Love this! And it's so cheap!


  1. NYX Smokey Eye Palette 
I went a long time hating this palette because the colors just weren't pigmented enough and the shadows were powdery and it was just impossible to create the look I really wanted with these shadows. Well, after playing around with it a little more this month, I realized that this is decent and can create more simple, not pigmented over-the-top looks that are good for everyday. I would still say that it's not worth the $10 I paid for it.

    2. WetnWild Megalast lipstick in Purty Pursimmon

I thought I was addicted to red orange lipstick after using NYX Femme, but this is the answer to my prayers. This is a true red orange lipstick. It is gorgeous. I love using it with a brown smokey as a little pop. I'm curious to see how this will look with my new glasses. Also, the formula is creamy and glides on with a punch of color.

    3. Witch Hazel

I had nasty breakouts all throughout my senior year of high school, all of which can be blamed by the stress (it did pay off though!). These breakouts continued into the summer, when I expected they would go away with the absence of academic stress. This was not the case. Around the end of June or beginning of July, I introduced witch hazel into my skincare routine just to see how it would work. It worked wonders. Within a week, my skin was completely clearing up. Putting it on, my skin feels like it's drinking a huge glass of refreshment and my skin feels smooth and moisturized afterwards. Did I mention how cheap it is? (Target brand is less than $2 for a big bottle)

    4. WetnWild Megalast nail polish in Bite The Bullet

For a little retail therapy, I ventured to my local Walgreens and found these nail polishes on sale! I had seen swatches on Instagram and was interested in trying the pale pink color and the milky white color. Since they were buy 2 get 1 free, I had to pick another one. This color was not my first choice, however I was pleasantly surprised! The color lasted for two full weeks with very minimal chipping. It was a beautiful color with my pale skin tone. 

I'd love to know what your favorites have been this past month! Tell me or simply post your links in the comment section below!


  1. I was doing this same post for my July favorites over the weekend, but I didn't finish it yet :). I love your faves, especially the NYX bronzer. How do yo find the ELF Eyeliner's brush/felt tip? I heard that it's too long so it makes it a little difficult to apply?

    1. My older ELF liner has a felt tip and I think it is a little large over time, but I can still create a perfect winged liner look with it. The newer ones I've bought have a brush tip and I really much prefer the felt tip, but I still like it. For $1, why not try it?


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