Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8 Most Worn Things Tag

Hey guys!

I was recently tagged by TheParisianPout to do the 8 Most Worn Things Tag and you can see her responses here.

1. Most Worn Lipstick/Lipgloss
I have way too many lipglosses and lipsticks, so of course I had trouble only choosing one.

L-R: Revlon Ginger Rose, NYX Femme, MUFE N50 (I think this one is discontinued)

I think these are pretty much my primary go-to colors although I have a few others. NOT pictured is Mentha Lipshine - I usually use this to top of a lipstick I want to tone down.

2. Most Worn Earrings
Seeing as I don't wear earrings that often, I'm putting my most worn RING. I actually never take this off. I got it from Tiffany as a graduation gift from my bubbe. I absolutely love it and think it's classically chic, yet fun at the same time.

3. Most Worn Top
Summertime for me is the time to wear dresses every single day, so considering the time of year it is, I am showing my current favorite dress. I got this from H&M back in May for around $13 I think. I am actually wearing it right now as I type this. It's super cute for my super petite figure (5 feet or 152 cm). 

4. Most Worn Nail Polish
Again, so hard to choose just one! These are the ones I seem to come running back to more than others. I have so many nail polishes that I don't wear one more than the other I think.

L-R: Essie Big Spender, ELF Moonlight, NYC Chelsea, Essence Walk of Fame

5. Most Worn Shoes
You may recognize these from my Recent Purchases post. I did buy these not even two weeks ago, but they have become my most worn shoes already. I'm in love with these. Rien à dire.

(Urban Outfitters 2/$20)

6. Most Worn Hair Product

Frankly, I do nothing with my hair. I wash/condition it in the shower and let it air dry. I do not dry it. I do not straighten it. The only products I use are Tresemmé shampoo and conditioner, and my brush. I don't find it necessary to include a photograph of these items.

7. Most Worn Perfume

At this point, I'm just trying to use up all the old bottles of perfume I have so I can get one big bottle of my favorite perfume for everyday. The first purple bottle is Mariah Carey - it smells nice, I just don't like her. The next one is Black Amethyst by Bath & Body Works. And below is Paris Amour by Bath & Body Works, which I do like a lot and hope to get more of for my birthday this Friday.

8. Most Worn Bag/Purse
This is my beloved Longchamp that I waited in a long line at Galeries Lafayette to buy last summer. In the US, these cost around $120 at Nordstrom and I got mine for 69 euro which is definitely cheaper. If you like this bag and you know you'll be in France, get one in France!!! 

I can't wait to get another one the next time I'm in Europe. This is my favorite bag. Fashionable, classy, versatile AND it fits my 11 inch MacBook Air!!! :)

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  1. im in the middle of writing this haha:)


  2. Hey, I tagged you in a post on my blog - check it out :) x

  3. Love your ring!!

    Visiting from the blog hop, I'm your newest follower :)

    Stop by my blog if you get the chance <3

    xo, Jersey Girl


  4. This ring is so super pretty!
    Hey from the blog hop :)
    The Amazing World Of J


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