Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cherryculture: NYX Haul!!!

By far, NYX is my favorite cosmetics brand. Such high quality for a great price! I just celebrated my birthday last week and wanted to treat myself to some NYX! So I got on Cherryculture and got some things I've been wanting for a while :)

I was tracking it constantly on the FedEx website, and finally once I woke up yesterday and checked it, it was on the truck out for delivery! I was looking out the window every 5 minutes and listening for that dang truck! By around 4 pm, I was getting so impatient! My sister and mom wanted to go back to school shopping. Of course I wanted to go too! Shopping for school supplies is a blast! But I was so hesitant to leave the house because I was afraid Fedex would leave a note that said they took it back with them (they've done that to me before... like they must not leave packages on doorsteps? I don't know). I wrote the Fedex man a little note and taped it to the door, but it was useless. Right as I was walking out the door, the Fedex truck appeared! I ran over and got my package! :) I was the most excited girl in the world.

I had been talking about my smink for days! I speak Hungarian, too guys... So smink (pronounced SHMEENK) is the Hungarian word for makeup. I had it in the car with me and opened it and marveled.

With flash

And without flash

So here's everything I bought: Megashine lipglosses (French Kiss, Pink Frost, Salsa), Powder Blushes (Desert Rose, Pinched), Tango with Bronzer Powder (When Leopard Gets a Tan), For Your Eyes Only Pallette (Smokey Eyes), Runway Collection Pallette (Champagne & Caviar), Concealer Jar (Fair), Round Lipsticks (Shiva, Chic Red, Lip du Jour, Pure Red, Thalia, Femme)

Swatches and reviews should be coming soon!!!


  1. Swatches? Pretty please with a cherry on top? (I followed you on Twitter!)

  2. Happy late birthday! my bday just passed too on the 19th! I love love love NYX cosmetics. I just recently posted something on my blog about NYX..and my love for it.
    It's my favorite cosmetic line as well.


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