Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review: Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup


Okay, there, I got it off my chest.

To my dear lovely followers, I want to share with you not only what I love, but what I also hate. I think it's important for you to know if there's a product that I really don't think is worth your money. This is one of them.

So I'm not sure where to start really. How about some pictures?

Clinique, I will give you this. I like the packaging. As opposed to my favorite Revlon Colorstay, this packaging, which is like a squeeze tube with a fine nozzle (pictured below), gives me more control over how much product is coming out of the bottle.

What does Clinique have to say about their product?

Skin clearing? Not a bit. Do you really think that a teensy tiny little bit of salicylic acid will get rid of all your zits? What I don't understand is how that minuscule amount of salicylic acid will get into my pores and clear my skin when I'm wearing moisturizer and primer underneath. I need moisturizer because this foundation will dry out my skin, and I need primer because heaven knows this foundation does not last on my oily skin. 

Cool and comfortable - maybe I'll give them that. It feels nice going on. It's just a matter of the way it LOOKS.

I really don't think this foundation helps acne at all. It surely does not COVER acne. It's a moderate coverage but demands a ton of concealer if you want to cover up those zits at all. Revlon Colorsay does the trick for my breakouts.

Fresh, flawless look? Okay, here's the deal. This stuff splotches like crazy, especially on my nose. It is impossible to get a flawless coverage with this foundation. It splotches, smudges, creases, and CAKES! Oh boy does this cake! 

I can't even stand my own mother to see me when I wear this foundation because I'm so embarrassed at how horrible it looks. And it is for this reason that I am not posting pictures. Also I am not posting pictures because oddly enough, it photographs well. 

Oh, and one last thing:

Why would this foundation be recommended for dry skin as well if the salicylic acid will just dry it up even more? 

I don't want to carry on with my schpiel any longer. All I have to say is, Clinique, what were you thinking? Mind you, I have many Clinique products that I do enjoy, but this really isn't one of them. 

I paid $22 for this, and to me, it isn't even worth $5. Also, the price has gone up to $27. Save your money and look for something better. 

  • light, cool feeling on the skin
  • nice lightweight packaging gives good control
  • photographs well
  • price
  • cakey, splotchy, uneven look
  • does not give enough coverage for a product targeted to acne-prone skin
  • does not last long even with primer
  • will not make a difference in breakouts
  • can be drying with salicylic acid

I hope no one is offended by my negativity. I really just needed to do this post because every time I try and use this foundation thinking that each time I use it, it will somehow magically get better, it doesn't, and leaves me in the worst mood. 

So now I'm curious: Have any of you ever tried this foundation? What was your experience?


  1. I use Illamasqua which is amazing. My skin is very combination and sensitive and it doesn't irritate of cake.

    Great blog hun.

    Sheree XX


    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! :) Following you now! xoxo

  2. I have dry skin and I just started using this foundation. Thankfully, I did not have your same experience. It does not dry up my skin, it's not cakey, splotchy or uneven looking and it matches my skin perfectly. Oh, and it last for at least 6 hours. That's how long I wore it before I took it off. Perhaps the formula changed since you tried? I don't know. Sorry for your bad experience though.


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