Sunday, July 22, 2012

Project 10 Pan! (LONG & picture heavy!)

Hey guys!

Today I am going to be talking about products that I have that I never use and want to use up before I add more and more to my makeup madness. I'm sure you all have seen posts about Project 10 Pan.

Basically, I am about to start college. I am starting a new chapter in my life. I think it's necessary to part with several makeup products I've been hoarding. However I don't believe in wasting makeup and I would rather just use these to the best of my ability before saying goodbye.

I could not pick any ten given products, and since there's so many things I want to use up and get rid of, I have many more than 10.

Another aspect of this "project" is that one does not buy any new makeup until these ten (or in my case MORE) products have been used or hit pan on. I have one major exception. My birthday is in less than three weeks and I always buy myself something for my birthday. This will be a minimal Sleek haul. More details on that later. Another exception is stocking up on things, such as foundation, mascara, etc. I know that many of these products will take forever to use up, so I will clarify the other various exceptions I am making for myself when talking about each individual product.

Maybelline quad in Amethyst Smokes - I got this as a "hand me down" from my bubbe. She's not much of a Maybelline woman so it looks like she barely used it. It will take a while to use up.

Maybelline quad in Velvet Crush - another "hand me down" from my bubbe, same thing as I said above applies to this one

L'Oréal Soft Effects single eyeshadow in Sable - I used to use this a lot. It's just a light matte taupe shade that's good for blending and what not. I got this as a "hand me down" from my other grandma. 

ELF Studio single eyeshadow in Pebble - I like this shade a lot, just never used it much. I want to grow an appreciation for this one. This will take a long time to hit pan.

Covergirl Eye Enhancers in Pink Chiffon - I've already hit pan, but I want to use it up completely. I got this years ago and it's a gorgeous highlight color. 

Revlon EyeGlide Shimmer Shadow in Pearl - I literally got this for my birthday in 5th grade I think. Yes, I still have it. It's the perfect brow bone shade. It should be gone soon.

Mary Kay eyeshadow duo in Onyx - I got this for Christmas what seems like a gazillion years ago. I made some pretty sophisticated looks with it back in middle school (yeah sophisticated back then). 

Hard Candy Eye Candy in Caramel - I really do like this shade and the gorgeous gold sparkle. I just don't use it much. 

Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Duo in Sweet Dusk - This was my HG eyeshadow my freshman year of high school. It looks perfect with my eyes, skin tone, and hair color. I used it back in this post

ELF Mineral eyeshadows in Natural, Caffeinated, and Sassy - I LOVE my ELF mineral eyeshadows. There are just some that get used more than others. These don't get as much love. I'd like to change that. (Click here to see a look I made with Caffeinated) These are an exception as I realize it would take me an immensely long time to finish these up. 

Clinique Pair of Shades eyeshadow duo in No Show Taupes - These shades make a decent natural soft smokey. This might be featured in a future LOTD post for glasses. I like these colors okay.

Clinique Soft-Pressed eyeshadow in Twilight Mauve - I wore this shadow frequently in 5th grade. I wanted to wear makeup on a daily basis, but I was young, so I picked this light shade and my glasses frames hid it for the most part. Gorgeous shade.

Clinique eyeshadow trio in Strawberry Fudge/Buttermilk - I absolutely love these. I used this all the time in middle school. I have a backup of Strawberry Fudge.

Clinique eyeshadow trio in Pink Tweed/Confetti - another one I used all the time in middle school. Very pretty. 

Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Dark Chocolate - Just a simple brown liner. 

Ulta Bronzer - Yeah, it doesn't even have a name. It was a freebie in a gift bag after I spent a certain amount on Ulta brand products, which shows you how old this is. It warms up the complexion and has gold glitter. 

Palladio Rice Powder in Natural - I bought this to stash in my book bag for touch ups during the school day. I bought a primer and didn't need it anymore. Now I am a big girl and don't use a book bag. This will take a long time to finish.

Clinique Beyond Blusher Oil-Free Everywhere Color in Peaches - It's a peachy kind of blush. It creates a very soft hint of color on the cheeks. 

Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Color Stick in Champagne Flush - Nice subtle highlight that I'd like to use more.

Lancôme Magique Blush in Raspberry Soufflé - I can't for the life of me seem to use this properly. It's a mousse blush. Gorgeous color. I can't seem to throw it away.

NYX Blush in Desert Rose - I have only used this a couple times. This is obviously an exception. It goes on dark, but I'd like to make it work.

ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Bronzed - Obviously this is a bronzer. It used to be my favorite bronzer actually. Well, I'm on to better bronzers. Let's use this one up.

Ulta eyeshadow in Pink - This was from a Christmastime offer where you can get 5 select products for $5 for stocking stuffers. This isn't very pigmented, so it works as a soft highlight.

Clinique City Cover Compact Concealer SPF 15 - Umm, this concealer is ancient. I think it works well. It needs to get thrown out, but I'd rather use the last little bit. Maybe I'll get some more someday. 

So we'll see how this Project 26 Pan with exceptions goes. I will surely post updates. Have you guys ever tried the Project 10 Pan? Let me know your experiences in the comments section below! Also, if you want reviews or looks with any of the products pictured above, please let me know!

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend! 


  1. Love the amethyst smoke palette. :) x

  2. Thanks! It's a pretty decent palette :)

    Checking out your blog now! xoxo

  3. i don't think i could ever do these things haha. i could maybe handle project 3 pan, just maybe though haha. you have a lot of pretty shades there! at least you have plenty to work with! good luck!

    1. Ugh I know! It will take a lot of strength and creativity on my part for sure!


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