Saturday, August 20, 2011

NYX Swatches!!!

Hey guys!
So I just got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday and I wish I could put on some makeup and post pictures of looks and all that jazz, but my face is sooo swollen!

Therefore, today, I swatched some of my new NYX goodies I got!
To start off, I'm sorry I just suck at taking pictures. Looking back at these pictures, I feel like a total noob. Whatever, I'll just blame it on the pain medication. I hope they're alright, if not, I can just do another round of swatches, no problem.

So here's the Runway Collection pallette in Champagne & Caviar. The colors don't have names.
That's the top row. The color payoff doesn't look amazing, but all of the colors are really light on the top row. Once I play around with this palette more, I'll do a review.

And there's the bottom row. The pigmentation looks much better on this row.

The other palette I got was the For Your Eyes Only Collection in Smokey Eyes
This is the top row. In comparison to the other palette, I think these shadows have a better pigmentation and color payoff, but in general, I love NYX shadows because of their rich pigmentation. These shadows were also REALLY silky while I was swatching them. Just so soft. BUT, I'll be doing a review later on.

And this is the bottom row. (Sorry for my ridiculously dark arm hair--I'm of Eastern European Jewish ethnicity, hence the dark hair). I love how gorgeous these colors are! The reason I got this palette is because of the color combinations and how many different smokey eyes I could create! The smokey is my favorite everyday go-to kind of look On a normal basis, I have a Kim Kardashian-esque look. 

Here are the blushes I bought. I've been wanting to try out the famous NYX blushes that Marlena raves about! I did not expect them to be THIS pigmented! It's amazing! These will last me forever! My mom has one in Pinched, which is the bottom one. She seems to love it, which is why I got my own. I read it's a dupe for Nars Orgasm? I don't know.. I've never owned Orgasm, but it's looks similar!

Another product that I've read a million good reviews about...

I've been wanting to try these forever. And now I got them. They smell like cherry medicine, which was gross at first, but I got used to it. It goes on smoothly and feels AMAZING! Like really, these lipglosses have changed my life. They don't feel sticky and aren't too liquidy. I can't wait to wear them more. I'll probably be getting more soon at Ulta. 

I also got some new lipsticks, but I will be including those swatches with a review on them and the lipglosses. Even though I already started raving about the lipglosses in this post.

Let me know what you guys think! And again, if the pictures suck, let me know, I'll redo them. 
Once I get more time to play with the palettes, definitely a review, and I'll post a million looks I made with them too! I'm so excited!

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