Saturday, September 29, 2012

Super late SLEEK HAUL!

Hey guys!

So for my birthday, I had decided to get myself a few goodies from Sleek since they do have pretty reasonable international shipping and since I've seen these products (especially the palettes) used in endless blogs and Youtube videos. In total, I only spent about $50 which isn't horrible. That's including $10 international shipping, I'm pretty sure.

I decided my strategy with this palettes, instead of getting overwhelmed by all the gorgeous colors, would be to use one palette at a time, figuring out all the looks I could create with one before I moved on to the next one. 

Before I get to the palettes, I got the ever-so-famous blush in Rose Gold:

This blush is just so gorgeous. I know it is a dupe for Orgasm. Although I don't own Orgasm, I've seen swatches and it is pretty close. Not exact, but I don't need the real deal. 

I think this was only $6?

Oh So Special:

This was the first palette I decided to use, since I thought it would be my least favorite. I was poorly mistaken! So far, Oh So Special is my absolute favorite. I'm in love. 

You can find one look I've done here and another one here. I'm sure you'll be seeing even more looks coming with this palette.

Bad Girl:

As you can probably tell, these colors are more fit for a night out or going to parties, which is what I have primarily used it for. One night, I created a party look with the gorgeous deep greens, and another night I used the charcoal colors with the dark purple and black. 

If you like dark and pretty looks for partying or going out, this is the perfect palette! The colors are ridiculously pigmented!

Au Naturel:

This is the palette I decided I would use after the Oh So Special and I have created some gorgeous looks with this one, but I keep coming back to the Oh So Special. 

Regardless, this has some beautiful neutrals. 


I have only used this palette once so far, so I don't have much to say besides that I love the colors and can't wait to use them once I exhaust the other ones in the other palettes.

The colors are pigmented, shimmery, blend so beautifully. 

I think Sleek is one thing that the Brits have over the Americans. For those of you willing to pay $10 for shipping, I think investing in a few of these palettes is an extremely smart thing to do. I don't ever want to look back to the days before I had these. I don't ever want to be without these.

Since there are endless reviews with swatches of these palettes out there, I'm not including swatches or a review. They're perfect, amazing, wonderful palettes. Get them. 10/10.

HOWEVER, if you do want me to post swatches, by all means, tell me!! And looks you would like for me to share? Let me know!

I hope you all are having an amazing and relaxing weekend! Vive le week-end! ;)


  1. Nice goodies!! love the blush, especially
    Happy birthday :)

    1. Thank you!! The blush is pretty spectacular :)

  2. Great haul! I'm so jealous(: I've been wanting to try Sleek forever! Their products just look so lovely xoxo

    1. TRY SLEEK TRY SLEEK TRY SLEEK! Especially since you can just hop on over to Superdrug and don't have to pay for international shipping!

  3. They look gorgeous! Especially the "Oh So Special" and "Storm" palettes, they are just right up my street :D
    Would love it if you could do a swatch post!


    1. I will work on some swatches for you ;)

  4. ok, i really need to go ahead and make a sleek order. their products look incredible! new follower from the blog hop :)


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